Carey Thompson Productions is a very small, self-funded, totally independent and completely mobile game development studio located in Atlanta, Ga. Formed in 2011, our mission is to create fun, casual and non-violent games for all ages for the really cool iPhone platform.

About Me

Working from coffee shops, bookstores, food courts, hotel rooms and anywhere in between, all of my game development takes place anywhere other than the confines of a stuffy office. I strive to keep my surroundings casual with a fresh look so as to not stiffle creativity.


I started my programming career in 1981 while still in High School learning first on the TRS-80 (like many of the time) and then I bought my Atari 800 in 1982. From there I went through the hard-core ritual of learning Assembly Language, the only way to do 'real' programming on a micro computer. I followed up with the Amiga in 1986 while doing some programming on an Apple II. I later moved on to the PC, first learning DOS and then Windows. Though I had picked up some C programming skills, I continued with Assembly, even learning to do Windows/DirectX programming.

All of my programming has been self-taught and while I did do some programming on a main-frame using JCL/RPG, I have spent most of my professional career in IT. I have done it all at one time or another, building my own PCs and tinkering with electronics to networking to simple PC deployment in the workplace. But I finally decided it was time for a change and I needed to start putting my programming knowledge to work doing something that I enjoy. And while I have always wanted to be my own boss, I have always wanted to publish games. This stems from the fact I am a Sci-Fi and cartoon freak and knowing I would probably never be working in the Film/TV industry, I could do something I like better and thats making games.

Carey Thompson Productions