Creeps & Crawls 2.1 Coming Soon!

Mar 6, 2015

We are already looking ahead with a 2.1 version coming soon as well as a try-it-before-you-buy-it freebie version! We are currently revamping gameplay, improving some art and fixing some bugs here and there. So stay tuned.

Creeps & Crawls 2.0

Posted By Carey Thompson | Feb 11, 2015

Finally! Version 2.0 of Creeps & Crawls will be available Friday the 13th! (Spooky Huh?) All new art and background sound, a tutorial system and new scoring hilight all the new features.

Creeps & Crawls Update

Posted By Carey Thompson | Sep 22, 2014

Many new and exciting things are happening here at Carey Thompson Productions. All new art and sound is coming for Creeps & Crawls in October, just in time for halloween! Also, we are adding a more advanced tutorial system to the game, so if you get stuck, you can turn on a cheat mode to see the answer to the maze and where all the ugly traps are at. And we will be adding some other minor improvements and fixes to the game. Then, for the holidays, we plan to add 6 more houses for a total of 13 spooky houses to solve. So stay tuned for more in the coming weeks.

Updating Our Website

Posted By Carey Thompson | Sep 20, 2014

We have just finished updating our website and adding more screenshots for the game...

Creeps & Crawls - Now Available

Posted By Carey Thompson | Aug 13, 2014

Now Available! Creeps & Crawls, a haunted house maze game for the iPhone has hit the appstore!

Creeps & Crawls - Coming Soon

Posted By Carey Thompson | Mar 1, 2014

Carey Thompson Productions is pleased to announce our first game, Creeps & Crawls for the iPhone!

Under Construction!

Posted By Carey Thompson | Feb 11, 2014

As Carey Thompson Productions gears up for our new game release for the iPhone, a new site is being constructed to promote both the company and the new game. You can also visit us on Facebook. More coming soon!

Carey Thompson Productions - Now Open!

Posted By Carey Thompson | Jan 1, 2014

Carey Thompson Productions is pleased to announce that we have finally open for business. We will be announcing our first game very soon!

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