Creeps & Crawls

Make your way thru the house and survive the onslaught of creepies and crawlies

Creeps & Crawls is the latest game from Carey Thompson Productions. This is our first title for the iPhone. Avoid creepies and crawlies and traps to find objects for the highest possible score.

Screenshot 1

You and your friends love to explore old haunted houses. So its halloween on Friday night and you take a detour to the local haunted house. Someone dares you to go inside. Once in, the house is big and scary and every hallway and turn seems like a maze. Make your way through the hoouse, solving level after level. Find the hidden prize and get out while you can.

Screenshot 2

Creeps & Crawls is a simple maze game made for all kids of all ages. Choose your alter-ego. A boy or a girl and have the scream of your life!

Screenshot 3

Explore 7 different houses one by one. As you solve each house, the next one becomes available. And if you have trouble on any level, you can pause the game and turn on the tutorial mode that will show you the way. Auto-save allows you to pickup where you left off when you have to go back to reality and do your homework.

Screenshot 4

Each house has different ghoulies and creepies and crawlies at every turn. Avoid zombies so you dont become one too. Watch out for ghosts and phantoms and get rid ofthem with your spook control.

Screenshot 5

Battle mummies, priates and suits of armor that seem to have minds of there own.

Carey Thompson Productions